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Big Moss Country Club 6'x10' Putting Green

Big Moss Country Club 6'x10' Putting Green

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WOW!! Huge! 6'X12' with 4 Cups!!!! Perfect for the Basement!!! How Great Would This Be Over the Long Winter!!! AWSOME!!!

You Will Love This NEW MOSS! The Roll Is Like Glass!!! I LOVE IT!!!! BIG MOSS Putting Greens are the Truest Most Versatile Short Game Practice Greens. Great practice Tips Included!!! Easy to Setup and Breakdown. Its All in the Short Game!!!! Putt/Chip/Flop/Read Breaks! Putt from Different Positions.

The Answer to Better Scores is Easy. PRACTICE! At Home, Any Day, Morning, Lunch Break, Evening, Rainy or Cold Snowy Winter Days. ANYTIME!! It's that Easy. All you need is a resource to build that confidence it takes to shoot lower rounds by learning to score!!!!

Standard Pack: putting green, chipping mat, and one Break Snake.
Ultimate Short Game System: putting green, oversized chipping mat (36" x 36"), and two Break Snakes
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