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Connect4Power Golf Training Aid

Connect4Power Golf Training Aid

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Connect4 Power Golf Trainer

Made from a special high-grade materials. Connect4Power is the preferred choice of training aid by leading golf academies, touring pro's, PGA and LPGA professionals.

Connect4Power - Builds Body and Arm Connection for a Powerful & Consistent Golf Swing. 

Stay connected for power: Build a Powerful and Repeatable golf swing. Promotes proper swing sequence and connection between the arm and the chest.. 

Take it to the gym: Accelerates your progress and trains proper muscles in your golf swing. 

 Features:Connect4 Power Golf Trainer
 • Develops Proper Body & Arm Coordination
 • Maximizes Resistance
 • Promotes Proper Body Rotation
 • Develops Proper Takaway
 • Develops Proper Body & Arm Coordination
 • Maximizes Resistance
 • Engages Large Muscles For Power & Consistency
 • Maximizes Resistance
 • Develops Proper Release
 • Builds Core Muscles
 • Improves Seperation Between your Lower and Upper Body
 • Trains Proper Larger Muscles in your Back, Glutes and Legs
 • Develops Leading Arm Connection with the chest.
 • Builds Core Muscles
 • Engages and promotes the use of your bigger-stronger muscles.
 • Improves timing, tempo and sync.
 • Improves swing path and corrects over the top move.

Leading arm connection is absolutely critical for proper body rotation through impact.

Develops proper release of the club with body rotation.

Maximizes Resistance—and builds core muscles

Improves separation between your lower and upper body.

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