Explanar Golf Putting Mat - Golf Putting Trainer

Explanar Golf Putting Mat - Golf Putting Trainer

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With the Explanar Putting Mat you'll groove a consistent putting stroke and enhance your ability to control speed and distance in your own home.

Key features: Explanar Putting Mat

  • Velour putting surface with full-size cut-out hole
  • Luxury thick rubber base for a perfectly flat lie
  • Realistic green pace – 10.5 Stimpmeter
  • Improves putter face aim and alignment
  • Practise putts of different distances
  • Enhances feel and distance control
  • Helps eliminate pushed and pulled putts
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Customer Reviews

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True Roll

The Explanar Mat lays flat right our of the box and rolls true. Speed is reasonable, probably around a 10 or 11 on the stimp. Very realistic and nice roll. better quality than some of the other mats out there. I'm happy with the Explanar putting mat.

Explanar Putting Trainer

The Explanar putting mat is very nice, the roll is great, and there are a lot of alignment and stroke markings to help your putting.

True roll

Very true and realistic roll on the Explanar mat. Its much heavier than expected, but that is probably why it lays down so flat. I went with the 10 foot mat, because I didn't have enough room, would definitely go bigger if I had more space. A great investment for improving my putting