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Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel (3 Pack)

Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel (3 Pack)

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Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel (3 Pack)

At 5 times the weight of a normal golf ball, with the Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel you'll instantly know if you are hitting the sweet spot. This ball takes away the need to think mechanically and lets your natural senses guide you to incredible putting. Better Contact = Better Touch = Fewer Putts!

Learn to deliver the putter to impact with perfect force. This weighted ball demands a stroke that has full energy through the ball... no deceleration and no mis-hits. After a few minutes with the Ball of Steel your stroke will be more compact an solid through the ball.

Every stroke you make with the Ball of Steel gives you instant feedback. In a few short strokes, the Ball of Steel reveals your weakness. If you hit it on the toe or heel of the putter, you will feel the putter twist in your hand. This is going to lead to better contact, speed and... making more putts!

Caution: The Ball of Steel is made for putts of less than 6 feet. Attempting to hit longer putts may cause damage to your club or personal injury. Use at your own risk.

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