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G-Paint Golf Club Paint - 4 Pack (Black/White/Red/Blue)

G-Paint Golf Club Paint - 4 Pack (Black/White/Red/Blue)

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G-Paint Golf INFILL PAINT has been specially formulated to be chip, shock, and chemical resistant, as well as exceptionally durable!

The G-Paint kits provide the ideal solution for redefining numbers, letters, company logos, sight lines and any other graphics located on your clubs. Just one coat of G-Paint onto bare metal (no primer required), or simply apply over existing paintwork.

Touch dry in 30 minutes and fully cured in 6 hours.

The application is simple! By using the step-by-step guide on the back of the packaging or by following our online demonstration video on our website, you will be surprised at how easily and effectively you can enhance the appearance of your clubs.

Each 10ml bottle has its own fine nib applicator and a child-proof safety cap.

  • GPAINT, the simplest way to personalise, touch-up or custom paint-fill your golf clubs. From irons, putters and wedges to drivers, woods and hybrids, Achieve professional results with ease. Apply paint-fill to existing numbers, letters, logos, sight-lines and stamping to any golf club in your bag. (not suitable as a base coat)
  • Simple to apply and no skill required. Each 10ml bottle features a small plastic needle applicator that can act as a filler pen for precise results. Paint over existing graphic paint or to bare metal. Single coat application - touch dry in 30 minutes, fully cured in 6 hours!
  • Durable, permanent and tough giving you long lasting results and a new lease of life to your used old clubs. Revive each club head and bring your set back to life!
  • Create your own colors. All GPAINT colours can be mixed to create further colour combinations. For example, mix white and red to create pink, or blue and red to create purple etc.
  • Compatible with Titleist, Taylormade, Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, Ping, Srixon, Callaway, Wilson, Mizuno, Nike Golf clubs and many others.
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Great results

I used these paints customize my older wedges. Worked great and has been very durable.