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Plane Set Golf Swing Plane Training Aid

Plane Set Golf Swing Plane Training Aid

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The Plane Set is an adjustable swing plane trainer.  The Plane Set will guide you through the correct swing path from takeaway through impact.

The PLANE SET is a training aid designed to instantly provide you with both visual and physical feedback. PLANE SET provides a reference for consistent swing plane that is necessary for both consistent swing performance and intended shot shape. This swing aid will help you to build the correct motor patterns and develop the feel for expected club path and shot shape.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shane McKnight
I use it every day and it works perfectly

My favorite special difference in this model is the blue ball at the tip of the stick. It is very easy to see peripherally and I can relax when I’m swinging under it …

Wilson H
Plane Set Review

Exactly what I was looking for to help work on my swing plane. Easy to consistently setup the same way each time I practice. Good price and arrived quickly

Plane Set

Easy to create the perfect swing plane training station.

Cory L
Great training Aid

The Plane Set works as expected. Easy to adjust, and lots of different drills to get your swing on plane. Its made out of high quality aluminum. I've had some problems coming over the top, but able to get on plane with the Plane Set and now I'm hitting a nice draw.