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PVC Golf Training Mirror (2'x4') - Full Length Teaching & Training Golf Mirror

PVC Golf Training Mirror (2'x4') - Full Length Teaching & Training Golf Mirror

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TrueShot Golf Full Length PVC Golf Teaching & Training Mirror (2'x4')

The Full Length PVC framed practice golf mirror allows monitoring of all positions of the swing. It has a large 2' x 4' surface area with minimal distortion, and has the added benefit of two adjustable lines which can be set to visually guide your swing plane or specifically check your positions. The mirror folds flat for easy storage, and can be used indoors or out.

Practice drills to create a more powerful swing, learn proper setup, check shaft angle and swing plane, and get the feedback you need

The PVC Golf Mirror is weatherproof and comes fully assembled.  It can be used in many other sports besides golf.

The PVC Golf Mirror is made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for realtime feedback

As a coach, I’m always looking for ways to help my students, and a mirror is a great way for them to see and have realtime feedback on their golf swing. We’ve used this mirror for years at our golf school, and we just purchased 2 more. These mirrors are very durable and last for years.

Nice Mirror

Excellent clarity, nice design, and well made. I highly recommend this mirror.

Mohit Roy
Nice Mirror

There is no substitute for being able to actually see what is going on with your golf swing. This mirror is great for seeing if you're on plane or if you are taking it past parallel. I know my swing coach uses it, so I got one for my own hitting area at home.

Jim k
Great swing trainer

This a a great swing trainer to help get you on plane and in the proper positions. You can use your own clubs and hit balls. I have it in my backyard and use it for about 30 min several times a week. Its not too heavy and can be moved around and put away easily. Its a great tool to improve your swing.