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Swingscope - Endorsed by Jim McLean - Full Swing Training Aid

The Swingscope is the first of its kind swing teaching device and uses direct Bio-Feedback to guide the golfer to utilize the proper golf specific muscles in order to ingrain the correct muscle memory with respect to coil, lower body resistance, stability and the dynamic relationship between a fundamentally sound hip and shoulder turn.

"When I first introduced my X Factor back in 1992, it took the golf world by storm. Why? Because I was able to prove scientifically that the difference between the turn of the hips and the turn of the shoulders is not how much your turn, but rather how you turn."
"The SwingScope is the only device that I know of that focuses on stabilizing the lower body in the X-Factor move in the back swing"

Jim McLean

The Swingscope is effective because it assists the golfer in executing the proper marriage between upper and lower body, therefore promoting a more proficient golf swing. Control of the lower body and proper hip displacement are a catalyst for power and consistency in the golf swing. This will eliminate a host of upper body compensations triggered by sloppy body control. Compensations, which plague virtually every recreational golfer.

The ability of the Swingscope's Bio-Feedback to prompt the golfer to more consciously and actively assert the correct golf specific muscles necessary to execute a balance between lateral load and rotation make it an invaluable asset to golfers of any skill level.

Every golfer can benefit from using the Swingscope because the feedback is correct, useful, and immediate.

Included With The Golf Swingscope:
* Instructional DVD with Jim McLean
* Pocket Size Quick Reference Guide
* Batteries Included
* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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