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The Dream Swing Golf Swing Improvement System

The Dream Swing Golf Swing Improvement System

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The Dream Swing Golf Swing Improvement System

The Dream Swing Golf Swing Improvement System is a golf swing training aid that works similar to the way a compass guides and forces a pencil to travel in the perfect circle. It guides and forces the golf club to travel on the same swing path the tour players swing on. Therefore, the only way you can swing it is if your body does the same motions the tour players do. It virtually forces every golfer to practice a better swing guaranteeing improvement.

The Dream Swing can be easily adjusted and customized for each golfer's individual body type to teach them their best golf swing.The Dream Swing is engineered to adjust to every body shape and size. It is a fantastic golf training tool for juniors because they will enjoy perfect practice without the presence of a golf instructor. Golfers get tired and frustrated practicing mistakes. The Dream Swing will make each practice session productive. Every swing on the device teaches the student what is necessary to play better golf.

The golf swing is a feel motion. You can only develop the feeling of a better motion by repeating it. Because the Dream Swing forces and virtually gives you no choice but to swing on-plane, as you use it your mind and body coordination will automatically become programmed with the feeling of a better swing. It teaches muscle or motor memory by allowing it's students to feel the swing the pros swing. Besides improving your golf score it will strengthen the specific muscles needed to perform a correct golf swing resulting in increased power and distance, more control and consistency and better balance. It eliminates slicing and hooking and promotes proper tempo.

The Dream Swing is scientifically and ergonomically designed for maximum body performance and protection. It's so well engineered that it teaches the proper swing mechanics for every shot needed to play a perfect round. It teaches you how to hit a draw and fade and adjust for every club from the driver to the putter. It keeps the body vertically aligned, eliminating swaying, dipping, sliding and reverse axis or pivoting, rendering joints and lower back pain free and relaxed. It isolates golf muscles and through continued use strengthens and conditions the entire body.

The Dream Swing forces students to do what the instructor tells them. This system bypasses the conscious learning, programming the mind-body-coordination with the feeling of the correct swing. It allows students to feel what the instructor tells them. In the golf swing it is extremely difficult to duplicate what you hear, but very easy to duplicate a motion you have felt. You will never know how good you could play until you learn the Dream Swing. With the Dream Swing you will have the opportunity to practice the same kind of swing the Tour Players swing.


"It was about four years ago when I was first introduced to the Dream Swing, and I have been forever changed. At a Broadmor Country Club Summer Golf Camp taught by Mike Adams, I first met Clint Harper and his Dream Swing. I was a little skeptical at first when Mike told me that this was his favorite teaching aid. I stepped up to a swing trainer that was different than all other golf training aids I had tried previously. Surprisingly, after a couple of swings in the Dream Swing, I felt my swing vastly changing. I didn't realize it at the time, but the purpose of this device was to give complete muscle memory for all parts of my golf swing, throughout the swing itself. As I stepped away from the device, my swing had changed drastically. After practicing for about a half an hour on the Dream Swing, I proceeded to the course with my same mind set I had before I practiced with the Dream Swing. Amazingly, everything that I used to think about as I hit the ball off the first tee had vanished (keep head down, left arm straight, wrists cocked, etc...). The Dream Swing allowed me to focus on the golf shot, not my swing. This new focus enabled me to score the best round to that date. What is truly incredible about the Dream Swing is its versatility. I can use all my clubs on the machine, including my putter, to groove a perfect swing. I have been playing golf for a number of years now and have always been interested in improving my game. I have tried many swing trainers and other devices that claim to better a golf score, but the only device that produced tangible results was the Dream Swing. I would recommend the Dream Swing to golfers of all handicaps, its uses and results transcends the entire field of golfing aids."
David T. Garland IV

"I just want you to know that the Dream Swing has dramatically impacted our enjoyment of the game of golf. My son Jordan (age 15) has improved from an all-time best score of 78 to his present best of 66 (18 hole course) in just the past 90 days, thanks to the Dream Swing. The first time I used it (for only about 10 minutes) I went directly to the course and shot a 64. It's amazing, it feels like the Dream Swing is still on the club even during the round. I am a former professional and still do some teaching. Teaching has never been so easy or effective! Students learn to 'feel' what a good golf swing feels like. I can teach more in a half an hour than I could in 4 half hour lessons without the Dream Swing. I am most enthusiastic about the Dream Swing."
John Boyle

"Well here I am at the end of the golf summer season in Ct. and I have been working quite hard on my new dreamswing. The reason I bought this was to prevent the over the top move and snap hooks with a very handsy swing. Well I can't tell you how happy I am to have this great training aid. Since I have been working out on the machine I consistently hit the ball solid with a slight draw and I know my clubhead speed has increased dramatically. The impact and follow through positions are a real eye opener and told me I was not finishing my swing. Not even close. Now I finish high, in balance, and ahead of the toe line. The results are long irons since that is all I play with at this time. This past weekend I shot a 41 for nine holes with two doubles due to poor short shots/putting. I hit two three irons close to 230 yards dead straight and all my irons are pure on the sweet spot. Next week the woods come out after some home training. I sound a little nuts about this trainer so I guess I am the real deal as the trainer has increased my confidence level."
Dan Carroll



Q. What kind of benefits can my golf game expect from using The Dream Swing?
A. In one sentence the answer would be "Dramatic Improvement." You'll start swinging on plane like a compass that guides a pencil in a perfect circle. The Dream Swing guides and forces the golf club to travel on a perfect swing plane for each golfer. Every golfer improves by swinging more on plane. Because the trainer forces the club to swing on the same type of swing path the pros swing on, your body will have to do what is necessary to swing that kind of on plane swing, or you can't swing the trainer right. If you perform a motion that would cause the club to travel off plane, you will put resistance against the device and it will guide your club into the ground, or give you some other feedback that you are doing something wrong.

Q. Is The Dream Swing better for beginners or advanced players?
A. It's equally beneficial to all golfers at every level. It's fantastic for beginners. They usually have no idea where, or how to swing the club right. Because the device forces the user to swing on plane , his or her mind body coordination will become programmed with the feeling of this correct swing. You can easily duplicate a motion you have felt. It cuts years off the learning process for beginners. It doesn't let them learn bad habits. It's of tremendous value to advanced players. These are players that have established handicaps. They are players who often experience frustration. They want to play better golf, but they have ingrained into their minds bad swing motions and now the bad swing is their natural swing. They usually know what they need to do, but every time they think "hit the ball." They swing their instinctive bad swing and miss hit the ball. The Dream Swing allows players to focus on the body motions they need to correct. As they perform the new motions over and over in the device the new swing will become their natural instinctive swing. It will take a beginner longer to learn The Dream Swing because they have to learn posture, grip, takeaway, down swing, and the follow through. The advanced player may only need to focus on keeping their weight on the inside of back foot and starting the down swing by rotating the hips.

Q. If I purchase The Dream Swing, exactly what will I receive?
A. In the purchase of the Dream Swing, the following items are included: The stand, ropes and stakes that secure the stand into the ground. The Alignment Rod that fits at the base of the stand that show the target line. The Wall Bracket which allows you to mount the stand indoors in an area where it is most convenient to practice. A Carrying Bag to carry the device to the range, or on vacation. The Instructional Booklet and Video. The training system is usually shipped ground UPS in a box that measures 5 ft. X 4 in. X 2 in. and weights 7 lbs.

Q. How many have been sold?
A. Over 6000 units sold. The Dream Swing has been on the market for 5 years.

Q. How does The Dream Swing compare to other swing trainers?
A. There is no forgiveness in The Dream Swing. Other swing trainers allow you to continue to swing your same swing in them. You can't do that in The Dream Swing. You have to swing where it is set. You have to learn it's swing. You can't practice bad swing motions in it. It forces you to learn the same type of swing the Pros swing.

Q. If it's such a fantastic training aid, why aren't more PGA Instructors using it in their instruction programs?
A. That's a good question. When I first designed the trainer and saw what it did for my game, I ignorantly thought I would show it to the instructors. In turn, they would use it in their teaching, their students would improve and want to buy it, and I'd be in business. On the video a retired golf instructor said, "if golf instructors don't put this in, they're doing their members an injustice." I feel that every golf lesson should be given using the Dream Swing. As students, we pay good money for lessons and we expect to receive good service. Receiving lessons in the Dream Swing gives students the feeling of what the instructor is telling them. It's 100 times more effective to feel how you're supposed to swing than to be told, or shown how to swing. I personally feel that golf instructors are insecure and easily threatened. They think if they use the trainer golfers will no longer come to them for instruction. The instructors that use it love it and their business is better than ever. Those who resist it continue to do the same business as they did before. Progressive instructors are open to new teaching ideas. You should never take a lesson from an instructor who doesn't uses the Dream swing. It will help you to get your money's worth.

Q. Can I use all my clubs in The Dream Swing?
A. Yes. Because the stand adjust up and down, you can set it for your Driver, Irons, Wedges and Putter.

Q. How do you use it for Putting?
A. Simply set your Putter in it and The Dream Swing will guide your club back and forward on a straight line while you train your body to do a Pendulum Putting Stroke. It will ingrain into your mind the feeling of that stroke the same way it teaches you how to correctly swing a full swing.

Q. When is the best time to purchase The Dream Swing?
A. When do you want to start playing better golf? The answer is the same to both questions

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