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The Putting Cyclops

The Putting Cyclops

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Putter Style
The Putting Cyclops

The Putting Cyclops is a unique Putting trainer that can be adapted for right handed or left handed players and can accommodate various stroke paths based on stroke style Straight or arched . Works with most putters on the market. An optional cap for center shaft putters is available. Easily sets up in less than 1 minute and can be used indoors and out.

The Putting Cyclops was designed by Golf Professionals and is used by LPGA Players, CPGA Players, and PGA Players. Unit collapses and comes with a compact carrying bag perfect for easy, hassle free storage, attaches directly to your golf bag while on the green!

Keep Your Eye on the Ball
The Putting Cyclops is designed to help you keep your eye on the ball. A common mistake with putting is to watch the putter head directly or with your peripheral vision. The result is that the golfer moves their head causing the club face to open or close on the ball and cause the golfer to push or pull the club as a result. Putting Cyclops shields the putter head, removing the distraction and allows you to adjust for your stroke style. Even the professionals who work with Putting Cyclops are surprised to see the difference in their putting after finding their optimum stroke. This is achieved as the toe of the putter head glides against the putter guide. By removing the distraction and programing your mind and muscle to your optimum stroke style you become free to focus on the vision of the putt.

How Does It Work?
Set the assembled Putting Cyclops on the ground, lining up the guideline on the top with the hole. Place a golf ball on the ground so that it can be seen through the round opening and place the club so that the face can be seen in the rectangular portion of the opening with the toe of the club against the putter guide.

While keeping your eye on the ball execute a putting stroke based on your distance to the hole. Adjust the cyclops for any error in the path of the ball. Once lined up, you can concentrate on your stroke without distraction. It is important to look at the ball and keep your eyes on the place where the ball was located until the ball has cleared the end of the Cyclops.

Experiment with the stroke path settings. Many golfers have been finding that determining what is their optimum stroke path can have positive results on their putting. Cyclops helps to program your optimum path with repetitive training.


Club Loft Lie Volume Length Swing
3W 15 59.0 200cc 43.5 D8
5W 18 59.5 175cc 43.0 D8
7W 21 60.0 165cc 42.5 D8

Tour proven Proforce tip technology for stability and accuracy in a lightweight construction to deliver higher clubhead speed for greater distance.
UST Proforce V2 S 65g 3.8 deg 0.350 in mid-high
R 64g 4.0 deg 0.350 in mid-high
A 63g 4.2 deg 0.350 in mid-high
UST Proforce V2 S 68g 3.6 deg 0.370 in mid-high
R 66g 3.8 deg 0.370 in mid-high
A 64g 4.0 deg 0.370 in mid-high

If you have any questions regarding the The Putting Cyclops, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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