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TrueShot Bee Line Putting String

TrueShot Bee Line Putting String

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The Bee Line Putting String gives an easy and a convenient and movable way to practice the elementary steps of your putting stroke. The chief areas that are taken care of are path, face angle, set-up and alignment, line reading, and stroke speed. The only effort in setting up it is that one has to go to place where practice can be done, just unroll the string, fix the Bee Line skewers into the field by putting the string between the two positions. To start with choose a more or less a plane surface ground, you could move to more changing terrain later.

It is not mandatory that the string and the hole have to be aligned, its is also possible that the skewer at the end is your target, also it could be put right behind the hole. Just in case you choose to putt for a target that is farther than 12 ‘,just ensure that the angle of skewer is such that the ball would pass underneath it.

Place your putter behind the ball, aligning the face to the Bee Line String. You may set the colored beads for length of backstroke and follow through. It is recommended that the follow through length be at least as long as the length of the backstroke to prevent deceleration.

The image exhibits the Bee Line Putting String in use. Ensure that your eyes are right over the target line or may be a little inside, and the stance is right square to the hole. This positioning would enable a clear view of the path the ball would follow. Practice would build your confidence.
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