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TrueShot Sync Ball - Golf Training Aid

TrueShot Sync Ball - Golf Training Aid

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TrueShot Sync Ball - Martin Kaymer Tennis Ball Training Aid

The TrueShot Sync Ball training aid will help you synchronize your golf swing. It can be used with every club in your bag, including your putter. The TrueShot Sync Ball will create a connection between your body and arms, and will help you hit more solid shots.

The TrueShot Sync Ball consists of a lanyard and ball with an adjustable cord. The TrueShot Sync Ball can be used by right handed and left handed players of all sizes and abilities. The Sync Ball is adjustable and can be used by women and juniors.

The tennis ball is placed between the forearms at address, and by maintaining slight tension in the cord, you will create extension on your back swing and downswing, which will lead to a larger swing arc with more power and speed.

Martin Kaymer has used this type of tennis ball training aid with great success in 2014. He was seen practicing with it at both the Players Champion Ship and the US Open.

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